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“Keep an open mind”

One of the many admonishments I receive from others is that I’m not “open minded” or that “There is more to life than just science.” Often that is the response from those who are annoyed with me because I don’t share their infatuation with dead middle eastern deities or endorse their latest “alternative medicine” magic […]

Top 5 ways to witness global cataclysm

I sincerely hope that humanity finds a way to put away its weapons of war and destruction.  I hope that we can all live our lives filled with love, wonder and a thirst for knowledge quenched through peaceful collaboration and information exchange.  And I hope that if we do ever find ourselves faced with the […]

The End Really Is Near – Just Not the Way You See it End on TV

I don’t have any patience for conspiracy theories which are spread by people who know absolutely nothing about the science required to make some of their wild fantasies remotely plausible. Such nonsense is usually spread around by fringe elements who make money by selling books, tapes and bogus trinkets. None of it is corroborated by […]

Alternative Giving in Times of National Trouble

In 2000 I was working for Sun Microsystems as a systems administrator. As part of a project aimed at outsourcing the systems administration of their field support and sales offices to AT&T, I had the opportunity to travel to the East Coast to train the AT&T systems administrators how to do our jobs. One of […]

Reproductive Rights, Abortion, In the Name of the Father.

One of the things that has always perplexed me in the argument over abortion is the claim made by women to say, “unless you have a woman’s reproductive parts, you should keep your f**in mouth shut about her reproductive rights”. While I certainly support the right of any human to exercise total authority over their […]