Top 5 ways to witness global cataclysm

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I sincerely hope that humanity finds a way to put away its weapons of war and destruction.  I hope that we can all live our lives filled with love, wonder and a thirst for knowledge quenched through peaceful collaboration and information exchange.  And I hope that if we do ever find ourselves faced with the inescapable and inevitable prospect of total global destruction, that we will have already found homes and established colonies on other worlds.

But… If none of that is in our destiny – if we are fated to be wiped from all existence leaving no sentient beings in place to remember us, I hope our final exit will be grand and epic.

My top 5 ways to witness extinction:
(Please note – YouTubes expire and disappear.  If you happen upon a dead link, please drop me a note)

1. Gamma Ray Burst –

2. Crossing paths with a black hole –

3. Impact from a 500KM Comet or Asteroid –
Note:  This video was intended to be viewed while listening to Pink Floyd’s “Great Gig in the Sky”.  But copyrights being what they are today, you’ll have to grab your own copy and play it while watching.

4. Yellowstone Super Volcano, setting off a chain reaction in the Pacific Ring of Fire. –

5. And finally, a really big friggin’ Solar Flare –

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  1. Sara

    What? No zombies? But I’m prepared for zombies! Sort of. Okay… I’ll die within the first five minutes of the zombie apocalypse, but well… zombies!

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