The End Really Is Near – Just Not the Way You See it End on TV

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I don’t have any patience for conspiracy theories which are spread by people who know absolutely nothing about the science required to make some of their wild fantasies remotely plausible. Such nonsense is usually spread around by fringe elements who make money by selling books, tapes and bogus trinkets. None of it is corroborated by well educated, yet amateur citizens scientists who aren’t attached to any agency or organization, and therefore have no loyalty affiliations or agenda. You might find this hard to believe, but I actually take a really hard look at “what” is being said and don’t care “who” is saying it. I *have* looked through all of the statements which I have now come to know are nonsense.

This stuff isn’t new to me. I’ve been presented with it for years, and even believed a lot of it…accepted it at face value because someone I trusted and respected (a scientist, or medical doctor, or professor…someone I just believed knew more than me) told it to me. I assumed it was true because I believed someone else without taking the time to check it out or examine the evidence for myself. Who was I to question them?

But, I believe there IS an imminent threat coming. It’s a belief which is based on my own observations of human behavior and the simple scientific fact that “nothing lasts forever”.

We are running out of Oil. I believe we will see the last drop during our lifetime. Without fossil fuels, we simply do not produce enough energy using alternative methods to maintain the lifestyle to which we have come to take for granted. When the oil runs out, so does our abundant access to potable water, electricity, food, medicine, the “Interwebs”, Facebook, Twitter, Google…. Absolutely everything we do depends on a product of Oil in some capacity. The exponential growth of our human population is the direct result of Oil and all that it brings. This is not simply an opinion. It is a scientific fact which has been peer reviewed and published in multiple journals around the world.

For once, I’m not going to parrot someone else, although I’m sure someone else will support my claim. And I’m sure there’s already a documentary out there of someone crying in the wilderness who is being ignored. And I’m not going to post any links. Do your own homework for once! Don’t settle for the conclusions of someone else. Read the DATA for yourself. Decide whether or not you like the experiment. Do some experiments of your own. Be brave and send an email to a researcher. You’d be surprised how excited they are to hear from someone who has actually read their work. Don’t even pay any attention to me. I’m just some random guy out there with no special credentials, consuming hard drive space with babbling and rambling. Take what I say with a grain of salt, then go do the research for yourself and decide on your own if you need to make preparations for a fundamental shift in our way of life.

Our current way of life will not simply end by flipping off a switch. TV Shows like “Revolution” are entertaining, but have no basis in reality. Instead, it will be a steady, albeit rapid decline of resources. We’re already seeing it. Humans are like frogs. If you drop a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out. But if you put a frog in a pot of water and slowly bring the water to a boil, it will be cooked alive. Riots and clashes with police and government are steadily increasing and will continue to increase. Costs will continue to rise as we are unable to keep up with supply and demand.

I’m just going to point out something remarkably unprofound. Why Oil? Why Fossil Fuels at all? See my other post which explains E=MC2. The quick answer is we are able to get a whole lot of “kaboom” (energy) with very little effort. Just add heat. One temperature gives you warmth. Another temperature gives you gasoline. Another temperature gives you lubrication oil. Another temperature mixed with some other chemicals gives you plastic. It’s been a great run and a cheap resource that seemed to have an endless supply.

We humans throughout history have underestimated our innate ability to overuse and underestimate the growth in demand for a resource. Someday, when some idiot kills the last Rhino for its horn, they’re going to know they killed the last Rhino. They’ll kill it anyway. They’ll kill the last tiger and eat the last shrimp. That’s why Haiti has few trees and Easter Island is mostly a wasteland.

When the Oil reserves were first discovered, they were all in the ground, even bubbling up to the surface. It seemed like there was enough to last forever. Some were quoted as saying we would never run out. All we had to do was pump and heat it. There it all was, right there for the taking. But running out is exactly what we started to do. So we started hoarding it. People today complain about the long gas lines after Hurricane Sandy. People traveling 100 miles to fill their gas cans and SUVs. They don’t remember (because they weren’t born yet) the 70s when all you could get was $5 of Gas (granted back then $5 would give you about 1/2 tank) after waiting in long lines. People would spend their entire saturdays going from gas station to gas station to find enough gas to fill their tank.

When the pain goes away, people forget there’s an injury and go about there lives as nothing was wrong. As time went on and the oil in the ground wasn’t enough, we began looking off shore. Getting oil from the Sea isn’t as easy as sticking a pump in the ground. You have to sail out far and drill very deep. But even that isn’t enough. We have now resorted to squeezing out rocks like trying to get a drop of water from a damp sponge. It’s called “fracking”. We’re fracking for oil, fracking for natural gas, we are literally ringing this sponge called earth from every last drop of fossil fuel. And by the way, fossil fuels include natural gas and coal.

All this increase in fossil fuels has facilitated another factor. The human population explosion. Current estimates are around 7 billion humans, all made possible because of fossil fuel. All the mass grown, and harvested food to feed those 7 billion humans, thanks to fossil fuel. And that growing number of 7 billion people which is expected to become 10 billion in just a few years…all that thanks to fossil fuels. Ok, so I’ll relent and give you one link. Look at how our population skyrocketed since 1950.

Every organism on Earth which has experienced a population explosion has always run out of the resources which made that explosion possible. Naturally what follows is a sharp decline. Earth has been dealing with runaway populations like ours for eons. Either nature takes care of the problem with a population thinning disease or the organism consumes all its food and dies off, leaving only a remnant to start the cycle over again. I think our species will experience a great “die off” from starvation and the savage killing of one another for food. We’re not the first species to have done so, and we won’t be the last. That “virus” that gives you a cold and makes you sick for over a week experiences a surge in population. Why does it die off? Think about it. Do you really think your immune system by itself took care of it? Sure, it played a part. But mostly it’s the “survival greed” of the organism that made you sick. It just couldn’t sustain itself and died off. Oh, you still have that cold by the way. But now that the population of that infection has been culled, your immune system can keep it in check.

I hope that one day we do figure out how to expand our civilization beyond our Earth. It will be a planet sized pressure release valve. My personal opinion is that we will figure out our departure from Earth. But it will look more like an escape than an expansion. My person speculation is that we will escape Earth, leaving behind a planet that looks more like a cross between Venus and Mars – a barren inhospitable wasteland.

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